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mechanic insurance

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Key Benefits

Unique Insurance Services can arrange a policy under which mechanics are covered for the bona fide Motor Trader handling customers’ vehicles and needing complete coverage. The policy is designed to protect the trader from driving vehicles and customer claims of negligence or Service Indemnity.
Unique Insurance Services can arrange a cover for mechanics operating in a mobile capacity from a van, right through to those who operate garages or other specialist mechanical workshops including trackside.
We consider all elements of the risk including vehicles, liability cover for both Public and Employers liability as well as equipment cover for fixed plant and machinery and tools, both mobile and fixed.
We can arrange a policy which will also cover apprentices and young members of your team for driving vehicles on a motor trade usage basis. Policies are flexible enough to accommodate mechanics of all shapes and sizes including those who work privately outside of their everyday garage work. GET QUOTE
• Ideal for Mechanical, Service, Repairs, Parking & Storage, Collection & Delivery.
• Can cover a wide range of businesses, from the mobile mechanic to the workshop
• Public and Employers’ Liability can be included
• Can accommodate for apprentices and young drivers
• Offers available for those with no bonus a six month policy to accrue a year’s no claims bonus and subsequently use this with us on a full term policy

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